Delivery & Returns

What delivery options are available?
In line with our Sustainability Development Goals, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we are bundling sales to partner locations or “click and collect” locations. If neither of these options are suitable to you, we also provide you with the pay for your delivery option.

Can I "click and collect" my order?
Yes, we have a number of click and collect locations on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon. You can choose where to pick up your order as part of the checkout process.

When will the products be delivered / available for collection?
As part of our "Responsible Production and Consumption" sustainability goal, we are asking people to pre-order and pay now so that we produce the exact number of crackers that people need, and minimise waste.

Your crackers will be delivered in the first two weeks of December, 2021.

If you select "click and collect", we will contact you in November, 2021 with more information of the date and time to pick up your purchase. You will need to collect your purchase within this time.

What is your return and refund policy?
Before purchasing the product, please carefully review your name, contact information, order quantity and selection of delivery. We are unable to support requests for cancelations, amends, returns and refunds.

Buying & Paying

What payment options do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, via secure online payment.

Why didn't my order go through?
If you receive an error message that your credit or debit card has been declined, but you are sure your details are all correct, then please contact the bank that issued the card to find out why.

It is worth checking if any of the following apply, as these can prevent payments going through:

  • The billing address you have with your bank may different to the one that you are entering on the Billing Address page.
  • Your card may not have enough credit available to cover the payment.
  • Your card may have a block on internet/phone orders, or on payments to charity.
  • Your card may have reached its daily transaction limit.
  • Your card may have been flagged for additional authorisation.
  • If your card was recently issued, it may not have been activated yet.

Your bank will be able to help you sort out the problem. In the meantime, you can pay for your purchases with a different card.

Although receiving an error message means the payment will not have been taken by The Zubin Foundation, the order value may be reserved for us. This means that, until this is released by your bank (usually within 7-10 days), this money will not be available for you to use. So please do contact your bank before trying to place your order again.

if you have any queries, please contact us: zubinshop@zubinfoundation.org

Can I cancel/amend my order once I've purchased it?
Unfortunately, we are unable to support requests to cancel or amend purchases.