What's in the Crackers?

Zubin Crackers: What's Inside?
Photo credit: Box of Zubin Crackers with inserts photographed by Asmita B Das.
A box of Zubin Crackers comes contains 6 Christmas Crackers. They come in red, green and white and are decorated with intricate, hand-drawn sketches representing #WeAreOneHongKong. These crackers are the ideal addition to your table or Christmas tree this holiday season. Each cracker includes a: 
  • paper crown
  • silly joke
  • plastic-free novelty gift

Plastic-free Novelty Gift

 Photo credit: Zubin Crackers inserts photographed by Asmita B Das

This year we have a all new plastic -free novelty gifts inside the Zubin Crackers. They are:

  • Gold chain with Chritsmas pendant
  • Seed paper 
  • Metal bell to decorate your Christmas Tree
  • Wooden spoon
  • Christmas mini-pouch
  • "I Love Hong Kong" magnetic bookmark
  • Colourful wooden tops
  • Tweezers
  • Wooden whistles
  •  Handmade Christmas decorations made by low-income women in India

        Low-income Indian Women (1)                Low-income Indian Women (2)