Other Ways You Can Help

Sell Zubin Crackers in your School, Club or Company.

We'd love your help to sell our crackers to parents and kids in your school, members of your club and people in your teams at work. We can support your sales efforts with custom emails and collateral to help spread the message. If you think you can help us sell, please send an email to vibha@zubinfoundation.org to find out more.

The Perfect Gift for Clients and Partners.

The Zubin Cackers make a fantastic gift for clients and business partners. As well as being delighted to receive your thoughtful gift, they will really appreciate hearing your organisation supports racial equality and sustainability this holiday season. If you'd like to buy more than 10 boxes of crackers, please fill our bulk order form and we'll be in touch with you. 

Sell Zubin Crackers Through Your Retail Store.

Please contact us at vibha@zubinfoundation.org for more details.

Volunteer to at a Christmas Fair.

Please contact us at vibha@zubinfoundation.org for more details.

Help Other Aspects of Our Work at The Zubin Foundation.

Click here to see what other roles we're looking for help with

Thanks for supporting The Zubin Foundation and the work we do to improve the lives of ethnic minority communities here in Hong Kong.